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A good taste of vacation.

With its subtle blend of dark chocolate and coconut, our bar transports you to the islands during your snack.

Perfect for mass gain or simply for a snack before or after training, you won't be able to do without it.


Vegetable protein and coconut for an exotic scent

Low in sugar, our coconut bar will bring you a good, fresh and comforting taste without ruining the results of your training. With 18 grams of protein, you can treat yourself without feeling guilty.

  • 18 g of protein per bar
  • Glycine and vitamin C
  • Real oilseed bursts
  • No added sugar
  • Made in France
  • 100% plant-based


A healthy and tasty snack that will satisfy you when you're feeling hungry.

With its 18 grams of plant-based proteins, it is perfect for building muscle and for recovery.

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Number : 1 bar

Date de Durabilité Minimum : 12/07/2024.


$2.65 $3.20

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All the benefits you need in one product

Muscle gain

18 g of protein per bar, the perfect snack to supplement your protein intake. After training, or as a snack at any time of the day.

Collagen and cartilage

A complex of Glycine, Vitamin C to regenerate collagen. A serious reinforcement for the joints.


The presence of spirulina provides a strong antioxidant effect. Your body will therefore be able to better fight against oxidation.

Easy digestion and satiating

Rich in vegetable proteins and fiber, digestion is easy and pleasant. In addition, it is very filling.

216 to 225 kcal per bar

No added sugars, no GMOs. A complete and healthy bar, as good as your favorite chocolate bar, minus the junk.

What is in a serving of COCONUT PROTEIN BAR ?

Plant proteins

18 g of plant-based proteins, no added sugars, no GMOs.


For a taste that reminds you of your vacation.

Real hazelnut pieces

A real and crunchy flavor! Real bursts of oilseeds to delight your taste buds.

Glycine + Vitamin C

A complex allowing the synthesis of collagen and the regeneration of cartilage, to strengthen and protect the joints.

9.5 g of fiber

Improved digestion and a prolonged satiating effect.

216 to 225 kcal per bar

With only 216 to 225 kcal and less than 4g of sugars, our protein bar is as good as your favorite candy bar, without the junk.

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Soy protein isolate, dark chocolate couverture with maltitol 17% (cocoa mass, sweetener: maltitol, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavor), oligofructose syrup, stabilizer: glycerol, soluble fiber tapioca starch, pea protein hydrolyzate, blanched almond protein powder, toasted chopped almonds, sunflower oil, soy extrudates (soy protein isolate, tapioca starch, salt), glycine 1.8%, walnuts grated coconut 1.7%, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural coconut flavor with other natural flavor 1.2%, acerola powder (acerola juice, maltodextrin).

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For 100 g:
Energy: 372 kcal -Fats: 16 g (of which saturated 5.5 g) -Carbohydrates: 26.4 g (including sugars 4.7 g) -Fibers: 16.2 g -Proteins: 30.3 g -Salt: 1.08 g -Vitamin C: 22.59 mg

For 1 bar of 60 g:
Energy: 223 kcal -Fats: 9.6 g (including saturated 3.3 g) -Carbohydrates: 15.8 g (including sugars 2.8 g) -Fibers: 9.7 g -Proteins: 18.2 g -Salt: 0.65 g -Vitamin C: 13.55 mg

Zero compromise between health, performance and environment

Why choose when you can have all three? At ØZERS we believe in a world where athletes perform well, while preserving their health and the planet. This is why we develop ultra-functional and effective products, using only healthy and vegan ingredients.

Maximum nutrients

Protein, spirulina, glycine, vitamin C: much more than a simple protein bar.

Minimum calories

With no added sugars and no GMOs, our protein bar is healthy and effective.

Healthy and effective

A strong antioxidant effect, and a collagen builder.

Practical and economical

From €2.60 per bar, enjoy a guilty pleasure, without guilt and without putting a hole in your pockets.

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