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Red fruits


The delicious alternative to milk protein

Whether you are Vegan or simply want to diversify your source of protein intake, our Delicious Proteins are made for you.

Because they are 100% plant-based, our proteins are easy to digest and environmentally friendly.

No longer sacrifice taste and treat yourself to the red fruit flavor for a juicy and tasty tasting experience.

No idea ? Do not panic !
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Incomplete plant protein: it's a thing of the past!

Four plant-based protein sources for a complete amino acid profile: bean protein isolate, pea protein concentrate, toasted pumpkin seed protein, rice protein concentrate.

A total of 23 g of protein and 4 g of BCAAs in a single 30 g serving, which will allow you to achieve your goals in terms of both maintaining and building muscle.

  • 23 g of plant-based protein
  • 4 g of BCAA
  • Vegan
  • Made in France
  • 100% fun


Rich in fiber, our plant-based protein allows you to achieve your goals while facilitating your digestion.

With its 23 g of protein per serving, this product will be perfect for maintaining or building muscle.

Flavor : 
Size : 600g


29,90 €

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All the benefits you need in one product

Muscle gain

4 sources of plant protein isolate and concentrate (pea, rice, squash and bean). An amino acid profile containing all the EAAs and BCAAs necessary for maintaining and gaining muscle.

Easy digestion

A mix of ingredients (vegetable proteins, microalgae, BCAA) perfect for building and maintaining muscle mass

Low in calories, our plant-based protein is perfect to achieve your goals

What is in a serving of PLANT-BASED PROTEIN RED BERRIES ?

Plant proteins

23 g of plant-based proteins from three sources: peas, rice and beans.


4 g of BCAAs provided naturally by proteins.


Chlorella contains chlorophyll which improves the transport of oxygen in the blood.

122 kcal per serving

With only 122 kcal and 1.9 g of fiber, a serving of our Plant Protein keeps you full for several hours. It is therefore the perfect snack if you want to lose weight.

See the composition


Vegetable proteins 90.25% (bean protein isolate, pea protein concentrate, toasted pumpkin seed protein material, rice protein concentrate), natural flavor, coloring: concentrate (red beet, carrot), thickener: gum guar, Microalgae Chlorella 1.67%, Sweetener: Sucralose May contain traces of Gluten and Soya STORE IN A DRY PLACE, AWAY FROM LIGHT. CLOSE THE JAR CAREFULLY AFTER USE.

See nutritional values


For 100g:
Energy: 407 kcal -Fats: 7.1 g (of which saturated 2 g) -Carbohydrates: 9.2 g (including sugars 4.3 g) -Fibers: 6.2 g -Proteins: 78 g -Salt: 1.2g

For 1 serving of 30 g
Energy: 122 kcal -Fats: 2.1 g (of which saturated 0.6 g) -Carbohydrates: 2.7 g (including sugars 1.3 g) -Fibers: 1.9 g -Proteins: 23 g -Salt: 0.34g

See the aminogram


Pour 100 g

Acides aminés essentiels //
Histidine : 2.08 g - Isoleucine : 3.5 g - Leucine : 6.39 g - Lysine : 5.25 g - Methionine : 0.75 g - Phénylalanine : 4 g - Threonine : 2.76 g - Tryptophan : 0.74 g - Valine : 3.89 g

Acides aminés non essentiels //
Alanine : 3.27 g - Arginine : 7.09 g - Acide aspartique : 8.4 g - Cystéine : 1.12 g - Acide glutamique : 13.5 g - Glycine : 3.05 g - Proline : 3.5 g - Serine : 3.95 g - Tyrosine : 2.55 g

Pour 1 portion de 30 g

Acides aminés essentiels //
: 0.62 g - Isoleucine : 1.05 g - Leucine : 1.92 g - Lysine : 1.58 g - Methionine : 0.23 g - Phénylalanine : 1.2 g - Threonine : 0.83 g - Tryptophan : 0.22 g - Valine : 1.17 g

Acides aminés non essentiels //
: 0.98 g - Arginine : 2.13 g - Acide aspartique : 2.52 g - Cystéine : 0.34 g - Acide glutamique : 4.05 g - Glycine : 0.91 g - Proline : 1.05 g - Serine : 1.19 g - Tyrosine : 0.76 g

Zero compromise between health, performance and environment

Why choose when you can have all three? At ØZERS we believe in a world where athletes perform well, while preserving their health and the planet. This is why we develop ultra-functional and effective products, using only healthy and vegan ingredients.

Maximum nutrients

Proteins & BCAA = Complete product without compromise

Minimum calories

Low in sugar, our Plant Proteins are lower in calories than a whey isolate shake.

Healthy and effective

High quality ingredients, natural down to the flavors. Nothing more.

Practical and economical

From €1.25 per serving, get all your recovery supplements in just 1 shake, ready in 3 minutes.

What are the differences with Post Workout?

Our range of Post Workout offers you a complex, complete and perfect for recovery.

Thanks in particular to spirulina, glycine, chlorella, vitamins and minerals that we have added, you benefit from maximum benefits thanks to a single product. This protein is perfect for your training and allows you to strengthen your cartilage and joints .

Our new range of Delicious Proteins is made up of more than 90% vegetable proteins , from 4 different sources, these proteins remain qualitative and as complete as ever. They are also always oxygenating thanks to the presence of chlorella. With fewer additives, we were able to make room for new flavors and focus primarily on enjoyment through incredible texture and taste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Le meilleur des 3

Gout tout bonnement excellent. Largement mon préférée des trois je mettrais dans le classement le chocolat en dernier et la vanille en deuxième.
Ce mélange bien avec de l'eau ou du lait et digestion au top.
Seul bémol je dirait le prix qui est un peu trop chère mais si on commande en gros et lors des périodes de promotions ca va.
Je resterais quand meme sur les post work out car j'aime bien avoir la glycine en plus pour la récup.

Gilles Biniakounou
test protéine végétale

Bonjour cela fait 3 semaines que je test cette protéine et je valide le gout fruit rouges avec du lait végétale ma récupération est bonne pour le moment a voir avec le temps merçi pour vos produits de qualités et naturels (barres protéinés spiruline un délice)...

Je recommande

Très bonne protéine
Le goût est la
Digeste et fait bien le job

Onctueux et très digeste !

Texture onctueuse qui se dilue très bien et très bonne digestibilité. Vraiment top de ces points de vue là !
Je suis un peu plus réservé au niveau du goût : un peu trop "aromatique" pour moi, pas assez naturel... on est plus proche d'une saveur fruits rouges (un peu comme dans les yaourts aromatisés) que d'un véritable goût de fruits rouges. Pour autant je précise que ce n'est pas du tout écœurant !

Benoit Laurent
Bon goût

Très goût, se digère très bien.

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