Who is behind ØZERS?

I am Maxence Damarey, co-founder of ØZERS . A former professional boxer and certified engineer in nutritional sciences, I have always sought to be as efficient as I am healthy. What was offered on the market in terms of nutrition was not sufficient. So I developed my own solutions.

The genesis of ØZERS was in my father's kitchen.

Why couldn't we perform while being healthy? Since I was 12, I have always had to compromise between the two, that is to say, training tirelessly and losing weight drastically, while accumulating: joint injuries, muscle loss, or even extreme fatigue. and drop in morale.

At one point, I said stop! I want to perform, but above all I also want to be healthy, to be in shape, to feel good in my sneakers.

What do we do most every day? We eat.
I am convinced that it is through diet that we can put an end to this vicious circle.

It was around the age of 18, when I understood this, that I began to develop the first versions of the products offered to you by ØZERS Nutrition.

5 years later, after being my own guinea pig on hundreds of tests, here we are!

“I want to perform, but I want to be healthy”

Association with a laboratory

In March 2020, I finished my engineering studies. I knew that between what I was doing in my kitchen and what I could offer to the general public, there was a world of difference.

I therefore approached an innovative laboratory in the alternative protein sector.

They immediately believed in the project, and wanted to join the adventure. Today we are associated and co-develop ultra-functional products for you (and us), using only healthy and vegan ingredients.