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Delicacy and recovery in the same shaker

Do milk proteins (whey and casein) cause you digestive problems? Why not try our Post Workout? Our proteins are100% plant-based and therefore do not contain lactose.Rich in fiber and glycine, your digestion is doubly facilitated.

Herchocolate tastewill delight the most gourmand among you. You can easily consume our Post Workout Cookiein your Shaker or why not in real Cookies. If you don't know how to do it, know that Øzers recipes are available on our blog!

All our Post Workouts are supplied with their scoop.


Complete and delicious plant-based proteins

24.5 g of protein and 4.4 g of BCAAs from three sources: pea protein concentrate, rice protein concentrate and bean protein isolate. Thanks to this mixture produced in the optimal ratio, our POST WORKOUT hasa complete amino acid profile. The product is therefore perfectly suitable for gaining muscle and/or maintaining muscle.

  • 24.5 g of plant-based protein
  • 4.4 g of BCAA
  • Spirulina + Chlorella
  • Glycine + Vit C + Calcium
  • Vegan
  • Made in France


An all-in-one to regenerate faster and avoid injury

No need to take 10 different supplements. Our POST WORKOUT contains everything you need to recover quickly, including:

  • Spirulina and chlorella which have strong antioxidant and oxygenating properties
  • A complex of calcium, vitamin C and Glycine to regenerate your cartilage and synthesize collagen
  • Magnesium to improve your electrolyte balance and recovery.
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All the benefits you need in one product

Muscle gain

3 sources of plant protein isolate and concentrate (pea, rice and bean). An amino acid profile containing all the EAAs and BCAAs necessary for maintaining and gaining muscle.

Collagen and cartilage

A complex of Glycine, Vitamin C and Calcium to regenerate cartilage, bones and collagen. Thus the joints are cared for and strengthened.

Fast recovery

A mix of ingredients (vegetable proteins, microalgae, BCAAs, vitamins and minerals) perfect for completely accelerating recovery.

Antioxidant and oxygenator

Spirulina provides a strong antioxidant effect and chlorella improves the transport of oxygen in the blood.

Easy digestion

What is in a serving of POST WORKOUT COOKIE ?

Plant proteins

23 g of plant-based proteins from three sources: peas, rice and beans.


4 g of BCAAs provided naturally by proteins.

Spirulina + Chlorella

Spirulina provides a strong antioxidant effect. Chlorella contains chlorophyll which improves the transport of oxygen in the blood.

Glycine + Calcium + Vitamin C

A complex allowing the synthesis of collagen and the regeneration of cartilage, to strengthen and protect the joints.


Magnesium contributes to better quality sleep and electrolyte balance.

127 kcal per serving

With only 127 kcal and 2.1 g of fiber, a serving of POST WORKOUT keeps you full for several hours. It is therefore the perfect snack if you want to lose weight.

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Vegetable proteins 77.03% (Pea protein concentrate*, Bean protein isolate, Rice protein concentrate), Flavor enhancer: Glycine 5.9%, Cocoa powder, Natural cocoa flavor and other natural flavors, Microalgae 3.16% (Chlorella, Spirulina), Natural flavor, Calcium lactate, Marine magnesium, Thickener: xanthan gum, Sweetener: Steviol glycosides (Stevia Rebaudiana extract): 0.15%, Vitamin C. May contain traces of: Gluten, soy, sulphites, sesame, peanuts, nuts, milk. STORE IN A DRY PLACE, AWAY FROM LIGHT. SEAL THE PAG CAREFULLY AFTER USE.

See nutritional values


For 100g:
Energy: 362 kcal -Fats: 6.5 g (of which saturated 2 g) -Carbohydrates: 10.8 g (including sugars 3.8 g) -Fibers: 6.1 g -Proteins: 66 g -Salt:1.1 g -Vitamin C: 55.55 g -Magnesium: 183.71 mg -Calcium: 426 mg

For 1 serving of 35 g
Energy: 127 kcal -Fats: 2.3 g (of which saturated 0.7 g) -Carbohydrates: 3.8 g (including sugars 1.3 g) -Fibers: 2.1 g -Proteins: 23 g -Salt: 0.38 g -Vitamin C: 19.45 mg -Magnesium: 64.30 mg -Calcium: 149.10 mg

See the aminogram


Pour 100 g

Acides aminés essentiels //
Histidine : 1.67 g - Isoleucine : 3.12 g - Leucine : 5.64 g - Lysine : 3.56 g - Methionine : 0.78 g - Phénylalanine : 3.56 g - Threonine : 2.50 g - Tryptophan : 0.65 g - Valine : 3.41 g

Acides aminés non essentiels //
Alanine : 2.82 g - Arginine : 5.70 g - Acide aspartique : 7.36 g - Cystéine : 0.70 g - Acide glutamique : 11.13 g - Glycine : 8.60 g - Proline : 3.02 g - Serine : 3.44 g - Tyrosine : 2.55 g

Pour 1 portion de 35 g

Acides aminés essentiels //
: 0.58 g - Isoleucine : 1.09 g - Leucine : 1.97 g - Lysine : 1.55 g - Methionine : 0.27 g - Phénylalanine : 1.25 g - Threonine : 0.88 g - Tryptophan : 0.23 g - Valine : 1.19 g

Acides aminés non essentiels //
: 0.99 g - Arginine : 2.00 g - Acide aspartique : 2.58 g - Cystéine : 0.25 g - Acide glutamique : 3.90 g - Glycine : 3.01 g - Proline : 1.06 g - Serine : 1.20 g - Tyrosine : 0.89 g

Zero compromise between health, performance and environment

Why choose when you can have all three? At ØZERS we believe in a world where athletes perform well, while preserving their health and the planet. This is why we develop ultra-functional and effective products, using only healthy and vegan ingredients.

Maximum nutrients

Protein, BCAA, vitamins and minerals = recover quickly and completely.

Minimum calories

Low in sugar, our POST WORKOUTs are lower in calories than a whey isolate shake.

Healthy and effective

High quality ingredients, natural down to the flavors. Nothing more.

Practical and economical

From €1.25 per serving, get all your recovery supplements in just 1 shake, ready in 3 minutes.

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Our answers to your questions


POST WORKOUT ØZERS is a complete recovery drink, of plant origin. It is composed of high quality ingredients such as pea protein concentrate, chlorella vulgaris or spirulina platensis…


NO ! It is a mixture of vegetable proteins (whey is milk protein), BCAA, micro algae, glycine, vitamins and minerals.

In short, it's much more complete than a whey shake, in addition to regenerating your muscles, you regenerate collagen, bones and cartilage and recover much faster.

Is it good for mass gain?

With 24.5 g of protein per serving (for the original), including 4 g of BCAA and a very complete amino acid profile, it is perfect for gaining or maintaining muscle mass.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

Super produit, le goût est bien et pas écœurant, c’est les premières protéines que je prends et je suis convertie !

Romain Hanneuse
C’est de loin la meilleure protéine végétale🖤


Alexandre Bonsang
Ça glisse 🫡

Bonne expérience avec cet post workout
Bonne texture, je préfère goût nature que cookies 🍪.
Pas de ballonnements, bonne digestion et bonne sensation après la prise !!

Leo Lalloz
Problème de digestion

Problème de digestion sur le produit, brûlure d’estomac au bout de une semaine

Jean-philippe CRETIN
Post workout cookies

Très bon produit, agréable à boire.
Très bon résultat en prise de masse.
Je le consomme chaque matin en petit déjeuner.

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