- 40% on the summer body pack


OZERS products are aimed at all athletes who wish to take care of their diet and their health, while improving their performance.

After training and/or before sleeping, in order to take advantage of the antioxidant effect which prevents post-training inflammation, but also for the relaxing aspect of the product, ideal before the sleep phase.

Our inspiration was drawn from plants. Because you can be fit and strong without swallowing anything and everything, we launched 100% organic, vegan, lactose-free and super tasty proteins. Unlike the majority of protein products on the market made from milk, ØZERS offers 100% vegetable products composed of ingredients of natural origin. Foods that are digested and assimilated perfectly, which will only be beneficial for your health in the long term.

We use a natural vanilla flavor which mixed with the other ingredients gives the product a taste comparable to that of almonds according to ØZERS consumers.

Offering a 100% vegan product is one of our commitments. And what's more, it's made in France. That is the demand of the people?

Our products comply with the standards of the AFLD (French Agency for the Fight against Doping). As a reminder, at ØZERS, it's #NØBULLSHIT.

Our products are developed by our partner laboratory located in the heart of Paris. Our team has 25 patents in alternative proteins. This ensures that we have products that are ultra functional, ultra healthy, easy to digest and taste good. The marketing team, located on the floor above the lab, works hand in hand with our engineers in order to be as close as possible to the product design process.