The 7 most effective sports for losing weight quickly

“Let’s start by busting the myth: there are no sports better than others for losing weight.”

In reality, exercising may have no impact on your weight loss. You might even see the number on the scale increase due to muscle or fat gain depending on your diet .

Don't panic, this doesn't mean that practicing sports is useless for refining your figure. On the contrary.

Energy expenditure is the key to effective, lasting and rapid weight loss. If you want to shed those extra pounds, you need to be in a calorie deficit : spending more calories than you consume.

How to do ? Rebalance your diet (get rid of excesses and bad fats) and practice regular physical activity.

The goal of sport will be to increase your energy expenditure . And in this area, there are certain sports that increase your calorie expenditure more quickly than others.

These are the sports you need to target to lose weight quickly. Here are 7 of them!

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1. Fitness is one of the most effective sports for losing weight

If sport helps you stay healthy, refine and tone your figure, it also helps you expend energy . This is the case with fitness which can make you burn calories quickly depending on the practice, the duration and its intensity.

The more intense a sport, the more calories you burn. The more calories you burn, the more you increase your calorie deficit . Sport associated with a good diet (balanced, protein and varied, without too rich foods) allows you to lose weight.

The amount of calories burned after a fitness session depends on the duration of the workout and the intensity of the effort. It is an effective slimming ally for burning fat, widening the calorie deficit and refining your figure (in addition to sculpting it).

Fitness exercises to burn energy quickly

Fitness encompasses all activities that strengthen muscles and help maintain good physical shape.

7 most effective sports to lose weight quickly - Fitness

Step, body attack, Zumba, body sculpt or cycling are some of the fitness practices that make you expend energy quickly , and therefore facilitate weight loss. You can practice them alone or with a sports coach during an indoor sports session for example.

Cardio training combined with muscle strengthening and high training intensity can increase your basal metabolism.

Note that excess calories are stored as fat. Your ability to eliminate them depends on your age, gender and hormonal balance. When we say that sport fights against bad fats, we must understand that it helps to increase the calorie deficit and therefore to burn fat stores.

2. Crossfit, the sporting activity that burns bad fat

Crossfit is an effective sport for burning calories (and therefore fat) and accelerating weight loss.

This sport consists of gymnastic exercises, weightlifting (lifting dumbbells) and mobilizes your strength as well as your endurance.

It is a high-intensity sport that can make you lose weight very quickly by increasing your basal metabolism. The best solution to obtain rapid results is to go to a crossfit gym at least 3 times a week.

Alternate between an intensive session with a day of rest to recover properly and give your body time to assimilate the benefits of the training.

5 crossfit exercises that help you lose weight

Crossfit brings together several physical exercises around a training circuit to tone the body, build muscle and lose weight.

Here are some examples of bodybuilding exercises to lose weight by burning calories quickly and to work your muscles to overcome bulges and love handles.

  1. The Air Squat to strengthen the legs and burn the fat mass in the glutes;
  2. Burpees to gain strength, strengthen the thighs, strengthen the abdominal core and reduce arm fat;
  3. The Bench Press (bench press) to strengthen your pectorals and triceps;
  4. Skipping rope , one of the best exercises for slimming down and eliminating cellulite (in addition to strengthening the ankles, improving balance, promoting blood circulation, etc.);
  5. The Hold (or Hollow Rock) to work on the core, abdominal muscles and eliminate belly fat.

You can practice cross-training in a group, in a room with a sports coach or alone.

Cross-training should complement a balanced diet

Let's remember: to lose weight effectively, it is not enough to train six times a week. If you exercise, but your diet is unbalanced, you will not lose weight.

The secret is to expend more energy (calories) than you consume. There is no miracle sport to melt and eliminate bad fats.

On the other hand, there are sports that allow you to expend more energy quickly. These sports, like crossfit and fitness, combined with a healthy diet , will help you in your weight loss.

By “diet,” note that you don’t need it to be restrictive or draconian. We're talking about dietary rebalancing : you adjust the proportions of food according to your needs and you diversify the contents of the plate.

To lose weight effectively, you need to be in a calorie deficit . Your plate should not provide you with more energy than you expend, otherwise your weight will not decrease.

But also remember to have a sufficient caloric intake so as not to injure yourself during your practice.

Consuming protein helps you lose weight because it nourishes lean body mass and promotes fat loss . They allow you to optimize the ratio between muscle mass and fat mass.

Plant proteins are preferred for losing weight, because they are better for your health, more filling and easier to digest. Consuming animal proteins in large quantities can have a negative impact on health.

3. HIIT, the ideal sport to lose weight quickly

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is a sporting activity known for its rapid fat burning effect. It is based on a split training method which allows you to work on cardio and muscle development.

The benefits of HIIT are rapid and long-lasting. Do it every day or once every other day for about half an hour to increase your calorie burn , lose weight and stay in shape.

Specifics of HIT training

HIIT alternates between 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of recovery. All sports are compatible with this method. For example, you can swim breaststroke intensely for 20 seconds, then recover for 10 seconds.

HIIT sessions can be practiced both indoors and outdoors. You can sign up for group lessons to stay motivated and maintain a certain discipline in practice.

It is also possible to find a weight loss program online and perform exercises at home. But be careful to choose training adapted to your level to avoid injuries.

The benefits of HIIT on weight loss

HIIT promotes:

  • reduction of fat mass ;
  • increased muscle mass ;
  • the increase in basal metabolism (after burn effect).

All the conditions are there to help you lose weight quickly.

The after burn effect: continue to expend energy even when resting

When the body continues to burn calories after a sports session, this is called the after burn effect . Certain sports, such as HIIT, increase the effectiveness of afterburn.

But how does it work ?

When you exercise, your body uses energy. It draws it from carbohydrates and lipids (which promotes weight loss). It also consumes oxygen to fuel the muscles.

After training, the body continues to burn energy. Oxygen consumption remains high and this increases basal metabolism (BMR). At rest, you will therefore continue to burn calories.

However, the afterburn effect could be compensated by an unconscious reduction in non-exercise-related activity. This means that we would naturally reduce all the movements that we do outside of training (eg: walking less, moving less on the spot, etc.).

4. Running is one of the best sports to increase energy expenditure

most effective sports to lose weight quickly

It is timeless, classic and often recommended for returning to sport after weight gain: running .

Put on your sports shoes and run. It's almost that simple. Running outdoors or on a treadmill in a gym helps you lose fat and stay healthy.

No need to start a trail or a marathon, but jogging for at least 30 minutes twice a week works your muscles and helps you get a flat stomach.

For seasoned athletes, you can increase the duration and intensity of the sessions. For beginners, start slowly so as not to traumatize your muscles (and your morale).

Running can cause you to lose up to 1,000 kcal per hour. It is therefore an effective sport for losing weight quickly (and above all increasing your calorie expenditure).

Running to shed extra pounds

Running not only uses the legs, but works the entire body. You feel the benefits on your physique (weight loss, muscle strengthening, etc.) and on your morale (a real anti-stress and dopamine booster).

Running strengthens the heart and activates blood circulation, which has many health benefits. You eliminate toxins more quickly and you eliminate excess pounds.

Running for a few minutes every day can help you lose weight very quickly as long as you follow a balanced, low-calorie diet. Also be careful to equip yourself well so as not to hurt yourself (good shoes and soles).

The benefits of jogging on the body

Running :

  • strengthens your cardiac activity;
  • burns fat continuously and sustainably;
  • muscles and sculpts your figure.

The advice for losing weight while running : split up your workouts and adopt an average speed. The most important thing is to run regularly every week to increase the basal metabolism in a stable and lasting manner.

5. Choose cycling to accelerate weight loss

Cycling and spinning are effective calorie-burning sports! Get on a bike and pedal away. You work your lower body (thighs, calves, glutes) as well as your abs and arms.

Cycling (mountain biking included) helps you gain muscle mass . This practice, in combination with your post-workout shaker, helps you sculpt your muscles and refine your silhouette.

Spinning, which is indoor cycling initially designed for high-level athletes, improves endurance, stimulates cardiac activity and accelerates fat loss.

The different cycling practices to burn fat

You can take your bike and walk around your house for at least 30 minutes.

You can also practice the elliptical bike at home or go to the gym to do spinning , or body-bike (type of bike that measures your performance).

Spinning is a sporting activity supervised by a coach and punctuated by music. You cycle intensely, which improves the afterburn effects and helps you lose weight very quickly by burning a maximum number of calories.

6. Practice boxing to increase the calorie deficit and lose weight

7 effective sports to lose weight quickly - Ozers Nutrition boxer shorts

Boxing is a sport that promotes fat loss by eliminating stored calories. Head to the dojo to take classes and let off some steam while losing weight.

The intensity of this sport requires constant effort, which improves cardiovascular health and allows you to burn more calories.

The whole body benefits from the slimming effects of boxing. It works the abdomen and abdominal muscles (and fights abdominal fat), helps to gain muscle and improves tone.

What type of boxing should you choose to lose weight?

All types of boxing help you lose weight, because they are sports, and doing sports means calorie expenditure and therefore weight loss.

But there are several types of boxing that can help you lose weight faster.

Choose boxing to lose weight quickly

English boxing is an effective slimming solution for losing fat quickly. The warm-up and workout brings together many exercises that are good for the heart and the rest of the body.

In boxing, you use your fists to attack the opponent. But it would be wrong to think that only the upper body works: your entire body is mobilized.

Choose French boxing for a firm and toned silhouette

French boxing (savate) is a combat sport that uses fists and feet to strike the opponent. In workouts, you perform comprehensive exercises that improve endurance , flexibility , and strength .

Thanks to the various warm-up and training exercises, you sweat, accelerate cell oxygenation, improve cell renewal and increase basic metabolism (because your body needs energy to maintain physical effort ).

There are still other boxes and they all allow you to build muscle and lose weight.

7. Rowing, an effective sport for rapid weight loss

Rowing is a sport that we don't think about enough. And yet, its weight loss benefits are proven. You can practice rowing indoors or go rowing.

In 30 minutes of rowing, you can burn up to 300 kcal, which is as many calories as a spinning session. Energy expenditure depends on your weight, your age and the duration of training.

Rowing works all the muscles of the body: shoulders, chest, arms, trunk, legs... Everything goes, which helps reduce fat density .

Rowing is one of the most effective sports for losing weight, because it uses a lot of energy and uses all the muscles. It is shock-free and only a few sessions are enough to see the first results.

So, next time you go to the gym, don't leave it out: row and lose weight!

Increase energy expenditure to lose weight

Energy expenditure is defined by the amount of energy you expend to ensure the balance of your basic metabolism, as well as the stability of body temperature, growth and muscle activity.

Energy helps the body function. It is provided by food .

Calorimetry makes it possible to measure energy expenditure. To know how many calories you should consume and expend each day, you must take into account criteria such as your gender, age, weight and height in the calculation.

The role of sport in weight loss

Sport is the best way to expend your energy . Certain sports help you burn calories faster at a given time. These are the sports that you can favor to lose weight quickly.

But although sport is good for your health, it does not necessarily make you lose weight. To see a difference on the scale, you must combine it with a suitable diet.

Appetite is a fundamental pillar of weight loss. If you exercise regularly, but eat burgers every other day, you will not lose weight.

In addition, sport sculpts, shapes, strengthens the muscles... The number on the scale may not decrease. Gaining muscle mass and volume can maintain your weight or increase it.

But do not panic ! If your figure is sculpted, your efforts are paying off.

These seven sports help you burn off a lot of energy . They can help you lose weight, only if you combine them with healthy eating habits. More than losing your extra pounds, you will find better health.

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