Lose belly fat: how to eliminate abdominal fat?

How to lose belly fat easily?

Flat stomach operation activated! Shaping and abdominal exercises are a whole workout program to eliminate abdominal fat.

Except that…

You can't target the stomach to lose fat.

Targeting the abs to reduce bulges and lose weight in the stomach is a myth. The reality is that you cannot choose which body parts will lose fat.

To have a flat stomach , combine diet with sport .

Combining a good diet with regular physical activity allows you to enter a progressive calorie deficit and helps you lose weight to reduce belly fat.

How to eliminate belly fat through diet?

You enter a calorie deficit when your energy intake is lower than your needs. To do this, you can consume fewer calories than your metabolism burns to function.

Adopting a low-calorie diet can therefore melt fat and put you in a calorie deficit.

1. Adopt a low-calorie diet

The low-calorie diet involves consuming fewer calories than you burn. It promotes weight loss as a whole, and not just that of the abdominal belt.

When you expend more calories than you take in, the body draws on energy reserves found in adipose tissue. It is by burning lipids that you lose weight (and therefore, gradually, fat mass in the belly).

It is thanks to this calorie deficit that you will be able to eliminate fat, and therefore potentially abdominal fat. However, you must consume enough protein to avoid losing muscle.

To lose belly fat and eliminate abdominal fat, you should ideally adopt a progressive low-calorie diet .

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2. Enter a calorie deficit gradually

Attention. When you want to lose weight, you don't just have to stop eating or reduce the foods on the plate. Nutrient intake is essential for losing fat in a healthy and sustainable way.

Significant dietary restrictions can cause nutritional deficiencies and lead to fatigue, muscle wasting and eating disorders.

That's why it's important to get into a gradual calorie deficit .

To achieve this, you can change your eating habits gradually, by reducing your calorie intake little by little and/or increasing your energy expenditure.

3. Reduce caloric intake

A low-calorie diet consists of reducing the amount of calories consumed during the day.

The ideal is not to remove any food from the plate in order to maintain a balanced diet and provide the macro and micro nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

On the other hand, you can reduce the quantities of certain foods.

3 exercises for a flat stomach and to have abs:

To calculate your caloric needs, you must take into account:

  • your weight ;
  • your size ;
  • your age ;
  • your gender;
  • your level of physical activity.

4. Increase energy expenditure thanks to proteins

Sport is not the only solution to increase energy expenditure and burn calories. You can also favor certain types of foods, such as proteins .

Proteins are effective nutrients for losing weight and becoming leaner. The metabolism burns between 25 and 30% of calories to digest them, compared to 10% of calories for carbohydrates and 3% for lipids. In other words, protein digestion requires more energy.

Protein fills you up faster and prevents hunger, which is ideal to accompany a low-calorie diet.

The slow digestion of proteins in the body therefore allows the metabolism to remain active longer and increase the number of calories burned.

Eat plant-based proteins to lose weight!

A high-protein diet based on plant proteins facilitates weight loss and improves sports performance.

They are lower in calories and fat than animal proteins and consist of dietary fiber which promotes good digestion and helps control appetite.

5. Reduce belly fat with fiber

Soluble fibers limit the accumulation of fat deposits. They promote the feeling of satiety, reduce the feeling of hunger and regulate intestinal transit. All these benefits help reduce weight and help you achieve a flat stomach.

Among foods rich in soluble fiber, you can favor:

  • vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes, eggplant, etc.) ;
  • fruits (apples, plums, pears, etc.) ;
  • cereals (wheat, oats , bran, etc.);
  • oilseeds and seeds (walnuts, almonds, peanuts , etc.);
  • legumes (beans, lentils, soya, etc.) .

To allow your intestinal flora to adapt and not suffer from digestive disorders, increase your fiber consumption gradually .

In general, any change, whether it be eating habits or resuming sport, must be done gradually so as not to rush the body.

How to get a flat stomach through sport?

Diet is important for losing weight and eliminating abdominal fat. But practicing physical and sporting activity remains just as essential.

Sheathing and bodybuilding exercises strengthen the abdominal muscles and help you find a flat, toned and sculpted stomach .

Sport helps you lose weight and therefore eliminate abdominal fat. Conversely, lack of physical activity promotes the accumulation of fat.

To achieve more results in your fat loss goal, combine practicing a sport with adopting a healthy diet and a low-calorie diet.

Burn fat through physical activity

Practicing physical activity and playing sports are a good way to tap into your calorie reserves. Fitness, crossfit, HIIT, or even running are some of the effective sports for losing weight.

Sport is a calorie burner in itself. It improves your cardio, increases your muscle mass and expends energy. By tapping into energy reserves, the body increases fat burning.

You can lose weight quickly and get a flat stomach by combining the calorie deficit and increasing energy expenditure through physical activity.

Strengthen the abdominal muscles through weight training

Sheathing and other exercises to strengthen the abdomen help tone and sculpt the stomach. The latter remains flat and your waistline becomes thinner.

Firming the abdominal strap also fights against a flabby stomach and stimulates the intestinal wall.

Toned abdominals provide digestive comfort and combat bloating and constipation which can cause the stomach to swell.

You can also work the transverse muscle to obtain a flat and firm stomach, and deeply shape the abs.

3 exercises for a flat stomach and to have abs:

  1. the crunch;
  2. the sheathing (the board);
  3. the vaccum.

Swollen belly and bloating are not linked to weight loss

Abdominal fat should not be confused with a bloated belly .

Having a bloated and round stomach has no link with weight gain. This state is temporary and often occurs after a meal or at the end of the day.

Having a bloated stomach is explained by an accumulation of gas in the body. Overeating, stress or a digestive problem may be responsible for abdominal swelling.

To lose your belly , pay attention to your diet. Eating certain foods can cause your stomach to bloat, such as:

  • caffeine;
  • the alcohol ;
  • fizzy drinks ;
  • refined sugars;
  • processed dishes;
  • dairy products ;

Rebalancing your plate and consuming omega 3 and probiotics can help you eliminate curves.

Consuming post-workout drinks based on milk protein (whey) can lead to bloating and excess gas which swells the stomach. Some athletes digest milk proteins less well.

If this is your case, you can try plant proteins which are better digested.