Eating Vegan, the strengths on my health

  • Being vegan boosts athletic performance
  • - A plant-based diet increases energy, reduces pain, increases recovery and improves overall health. According to INSEP-Editions.

  • Aid in weight loss

  • - Significantly less rich in lipids than a classic diet. Animal products are the richest in saturated fatty acids.

  • Improves the skin

  • - By eating unprocessed food, very low in fat. The health guide has also demonstrated the link between dairy products and acne, as well as between carbohydrate-rich diets and acne.

  • Less daily stress
  • - Veganism helps fight stress, reduces anxiety. It is explained by the fact that the carnivorous diet is composed of higher levels of arachidonic acid, a pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid which, in excess, causes a detrimental effect on long-term mental health according to passport health .

    Besides, it is difficult for a vegan to reach his daily protein level, which is why the NOKO protein will help him in his supplementation.