Clean eating, healthy eating and consuming as much unprocessed food as possible

Clean eating simply consists of eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins and good fats.

This will eliminate refined carbohydrates and processed foods that are harmful to our body.

The goal is therefore to consume the most natural foods possible, in order to have the maximum benefits and preserve your health.

The modern food industry has become so powerful and advanced that finding fresh, unprocessed food is an uphill battle. Research shows that 70% of food sold in supermarkets is ultra-processed.

And NØKO in all this?
Post-training by NØKO is a powder that has obviously undergone transformation processes.
But let's put things in context:
  • It is a supplement: it is not a meal replacement. It is therefore not to be taken at the expense of an unprocessed diet, but in addition.


  • Its composition of ingredients: the ingredients used are of natural origin, unlike most processed products.


  • Its macronutrient composition:
- Rich in protein
    - Low in sugar
      - Source of fiber
        - Contains fatty acids good for the heart and health.

          Nothing to do with the sweets mentioned earlier in the article, which are generally low in protein, high in sugar and saturated fatty acids bad for the heart and health.é.


          • Its micronutrient composition:
          - Vitamin C
            - Magnesium
              - Calcium

                This is one of the big differences of ourpost training with most processed products: it contains vitamins and minerals.