Yoka, Mossely, Tyson, Joyce, Dubois and Lapilus!

For this weekend: superstars and nothing else

Let's talk little, let's talk well, this weekend we only have beautiful posters, a Yoka couple fight, a fight with titles in games in England, a return of English boxing legends with the launch of an organization that promises beautiful ones thereafter and the return of a French fighter in the cage! How not to have a great weekend.

Tony Yoka VS Christian Hammer at the H Arena from Nantes

Tony Yoka vs Christian Hammer à l'H arena de Nantes

It is only two months after his last fight and his lightning victory against Johann Duhaupas at La Défense (KO in 1 min and 24 seconds) than Tony Yoka (8 wins including 7 by KOs) will return to the ring this Friday evening at 10:30 p.m. to face the German Christian Hammer (25 wins including 15 by KOs and 6 losses) at the H Arena in Nantes. The fight should have taken place a year ago but following an injury to Hammer Hammer it had to be postponed. For Yoka and his quest for glory and success, the hardest part has only just begun.. there is a progression in his state of mind and in his desire to be offensive specifies the coach of the France team,John Dovi ; facing relatively weak opponents at the start of a career is a mandatory step that contrasts with his superstar image. Tonight's fight and the next ones to come is the best way to silence the critics.
Note that the companion of Tony Yoka, Estelle Mossely, also victorious at the 2016 Olympics, will also fight tonight at the H Arena of Nantes against Emma Gongora. Good luck to our French.

NØKOPRONO: Victory for Tony Yoka by TKO!

Joe Joyce vs. Daniel Dubois at westminster in London

Joe Joyce vs Daniel Dubois sur BT sport

An all-British fight for Saturday night in London betweenJoe Joyce (11 victories including 10 KOs for 0 defeat) against Daniel Dubois (15 victories including 14 KOs for 0 defeat). This is one of the most anticipated fights of 2020 which will take place at Church House where the two fighters will face each other to enter a new status. This fight, which was to take place initially in July, did not escape a postponement following the health crisis.
Daniel Dubois is currently the holder of the title of Champion of Great Britain, title which he will challenge on Saturday and moreover the winner will receive the European crown EBU which is still vacant as well as the title WBC Silver Heavy. At this level the two heavyweights are still undefeated, a rare thing to mention with an impressive number of victories by KOs. For Joyce it is an opportunity to add titles to his record, 35 years old, the chances of his conquest are diminishing unlike Dubois who is much younger and who will undoubtedly have more opportunities. One thing is certain, this fight for glory will not go to an end.

NØKOPRONO: Victory on points for Joe Joyce

Mike Tyson VS Roy Jones atStaples Center in Los Angeles

mike tyson vs roy jones jr

He returns this Saturday, November 28! mike tyson, the heavyweight legend of English boxing with 50 victories including 44 by KOs for 6 defeats, is back in the ring for an exceptional event!
15 years after his last fight, he will faceRoy Jones Jr. , one of the most talented boxers of all time, who also comes out of retirement after 66 wins for 47 KOs for 9 defeats during his career. This is an exhibition match of 8 rounds of 2 minutes for the launch of a new organization: “Legends Only League”. A project that will not only be linked to English boxing, it will be a tour of all sports bringing together elderly stars and a new category had to be created for that. We already know that the project will bring together boxing, tennis and basketball showmatches!
We will therefore have the pleasure of seeing our two legends in the ring this Saturday and even if the match is just intended to be a show mike tyson said « No one spars for a month just for an exhibition even if the KO will not be counted during this match, the desire to fight and victory is stronger. The passion therefore never stops and the desire to win is always present even after retirement from sport!

NØKOPRONO: Iron Mike Tyson by KO!

MMA: Damien Lapilus at the UAE Warriors

damien lapilus à l'UAE warriors 14!

After almost a year out of the cage, the MMA Factory rep: Damien Lapilus (18 wins for 12 defeats and 2 draws) will face the Russian fighterArthur Zaynukov (11 wins for 3 losses) atAbu Dhabi during the UAE Warriors 14. The opportunity for our French fighter to return to competition against the Russian who is on 5 consecutive successes. Damien Frankenstein Lapilus totals almost 3 times more fights than his opponent but the fight will be big and experience will be an important factor for the outcome of the fight! Go Damian!!

NØKOPRONO: Lapilus at points