A great Fight weekend in perspective

The French fights of the weekend

Karim Guerfi in England

See you this Saturday evening on the other side of the Channel for the fight of our dearKarim Guerfi. Indeed, the latter will go to Bolton (UK) to defend his European EBU bantam title. To do this, he will have to beat a man still undefeated to this day, the young EnglishmanLee McGregor author of nine victories in as many fights since his professional debut (all for seven KO's, editor's note).
We are wholeheartedly with you Karim! Strength to you field and see you on Saturday!


Gala of Fontenay-sous-bois

We return to our French lands and head straight for Fontenay-sous-bois for a gala rich in fights and diversity. Indeed, for this event, 11 high-intensity fights are planned, including a professional debut forLoyd Combes.
Good luck to you field!
Regarding the other fights, we will have the right to three face to face between 6 confirmed and experienced boxers. The first concerns the FrenchieJean-Jacques Olivier and SerbianVukasin Obradovic. The Frenchman has a stronger record than his evening opponent but he will still have to fight until the end in order to obtain victory. As for his compatriotsFlorian Montels andMehdi Sellami, they will respectively face the ItalianMaycol Escobar and FrenchRaphael Boquet who will celebrate his return from suspension!
Also note the fights of our dearKalilou Dembele andAdji Sangare who will respectively face the FrenchNourredine El Goumi and GeorgianTengiz Ubilava. Both with 6 victories, they will try to get a seventh this Saturday evening. RegardingGael Kebe andOthman Ben Othman, both still undefeated in two and three fights respectively, will try to continue their good series against aAziz Mbao in search of success and faced with aMevludin Suleymani on a bad series of 4 defeats on his last 6 face to face.
Strength to all our evening fighters, honor us!

L’affiche pour ce gala à Fontenay sous bois

Your international boxing and MMA dose

The usual Saturday night UFC fight night

Once is not custom, we find ourselves in the night from Saturday to Sunday (3:00 am for our French readers) in Las Vegas for what promises to be a crazy MMA fight night! In the main poster of this fight card, the face to face Derek Brunson VS Kevin Trailblazer Hollandd” . The two American compatriots, who have an almost similar record (20-5-0 for one, 20-7-0 for the other) will have a lot to do this Sunday. Indeed, these two fighters, members of the TOP 10 at middleweight, seek to chain the victories to be able to claim the title. It remains to be seen which of the two wants it the most!
Concerning the female fight of the evening, we will have the right to a face to face between the AmericanCheyanne Buys and the MexicanMontserrat Ruiz in the straws. This fight, without any particular stake, will honor two inexperienced fighters but in search of success!
To end with this event,Gregor Gillespie ,Tai Tuivasa andAdrian Yanez will compete respectively in the light, heavyweight and bantamweight categories,Brad Riddell ,Don'Tale Mayes andGustavo Lopez. We therefore hope that this fight night has some nice surprises in store for us!
See you in the night from Saturday to Sunday nøkers!

L’affiche proposée par l’UFC dans la nuit de samedi à dimanche

Moscow Gala in Russia

And we're going back to Russia for a gala that promises to be boiling hot! Indeed, this Saturday, March 20 in Moscow, will be put into play a unification and a title for two very distinct fights.
The first face-to-face, which concernsArtur Beterbiev andAdam Deines will allow us to see at work two excellent boxers who combine between them more than 35 victories for a single defeat. These two heavyweights will fight for a unification of two belts: those of the WBC and IBF among heavyweights! It remains to be seen which of the German or the Russian will have the most will this Saturday because this is a turning point in the careers of these two men!
So the nøkers, who you lean towards
The second big fight of the evening will be played for a WBC middleweight belt between two fighters still undefeated in pro. This is UzbekAzizbek Abdugofurov and RussianPavel Sylagin. This WBC belt, hitherto held by the Uzbek, is put back into play. It is therefore an opportunity for Azizbek to confirm his current form by defending his belt against a young and promising fighter, who is thirsty for knockouts and of victories.
See you Saturday nøkers!

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