Rizlen Zouak, new NØKO ambassador!

His history

Who is Rizlen Zouak

Born May 14, 1986 in Beaune, France, Rizlen Zouak is an MMA fighter originally from Morocco and from a combat sports oriented family. His maternal grandfather and his uncles had the opportunity to box or practice Greco-Roman wrestling for many years. What makes that Rizlen, from an early age, begins to practice combat sports. From judo to MMA, Rizlen has dominated everywhere she has gone, which makes her today a renowned and impressively experienced fighter for her opponents. Today, Rizlen trains at the MMA factory Paris just like our ambassador Alan Baudot and is in the process of building a good track record in MMA by accumulating fights.

His career

His participation in the Olympics

Rizlen Zouak began his career by winning the African Judo Championship three times. The culmination of her career ensued: her qualifications for the London 2012 Olympic Games and RIO 2016, which made her the first Moroccan woman judoka to qualify for the Olympics!
With such a CV one wonders where Rizlen intends to stop, then comes the conversion into an MMA fighter, which makes her the first Moroccan fighter in history. With a good track record of 5 fights, 3 victories by KO, the Atlas lioness has everything to win in the various MMA championships and become one of the best fighters of the moment.


The collaboration with NØKO

Welcome Rizlen! After Alan Baudot, women's MMA is invited to the table of NØKO ambassadors!
Between her who loves our products and wants to help us with the launch and us who want to support her in achieving her goals, the partnership was more than logical.
Rizlen, we are delighted to accompany you in the octagon, welcome champion!