Ramzan Jembiev wins by 1st round TKO in his first fight at 100% FIGHT 44

For his first fight, eagerly awaited by the general public, this October 29 at 100% FIGHT 44, Ramzan faced Ashot Grigoryan (0-3).

The fight begins and Ramzan goes straight into action! he puts his opponent on the ground after only a few seconds.

He will then position himself behind Ashot's back. Then send him a series of blows in the face, which will signal the end of the fight.

The referee therefore puts an end to the fight, it is a categorical victory by TKO for Ramzan, in just 2 minutes.

See you at the end of the year for the continuation of its promising debut!

Ramzan chose our post training for his ØZERS preparation                                                                 Here is his pack