What to eat after a big boxing session to recover?

What to eat after a big boxing session to recover?

English boxing is one of the most popular combat sports in the world and in France and to increase its performance in the ring, the recovery phase through food is carried out before and after the session. The diet of boxers is special, meals rich in protein, carbohydrates and plenty of water, but also vitamins, minerals and fiber, a healthy diet that will allow you to always be on top of your opponents.

Nutrients needed after a boxing workout

After a training session, the body has deteriorated, whether it is muscles or tissues and it is absolutely necessary to proceed to a recovery stage which is mainly oriented aroundfood. It is absolutely necessary to help the body to repair itself because this will improve the effects of sport and recovery, especially since this meal will provide a fuel effect to regain energy and promote the recovery of muscles.joints.
For a boxer, there are nutrients that it is necessary to find after a boxing session:

  • The water : allows you to hydrate the body and muscles, thanks to water you avoid potential injuries and aches. You don't wait to be thirsty to start drinking.
  • Carbohydrates : element of the diet that provides all the energy needed during training.
  • The proteins : we must find proteins in all post-workout meals because they are necessary to develop and consolidate muscles and promote recovery.
  • Vitamins and minerals : these nutrients help boost the immune system and strengthen the bones, in combat sports it is important to stay strong.
  • Fibers : present mainly in green vegetables, they have an appetite suppressant function that reduces appetite and helps the digestive system work.f.
  • Fats : often associated with something negative, good fats provide a secondary source of energy and are above all vital for the proper functioning of the organs.
For a post-workout meal you need everything, it must be taken at the right time and with nutritional intake in different amounts. The variety of food is the key to a good functioning of the body and therefore a more efficient recovery.

What to eat after a boxing session

If your boxing training is in the afternoon, you can end it with a snack like a banana, that's afood Very rich in magnesium and a good source of vitamin B6, a banana will allow you to regain strength immediately after your session and reduce post-workout muscle stress. For the evening meal, it will be necessary to think of a light dinner. Above all, do not go to bed on an empty stomach, as this would disturb thesleep apart from a deep sleep, you can greatly recover from your training. You should also not eat meals that are too fatty and too caloric because during sleep these calories will not be burned and can therefore turn into fat. It is therefore necessary to opt for a healthy menu where we find all the nutrients necessary for better recovery. A recovery drink likePOST-TRAINING from ØZERS is ideal in the post-training phase, you will findvegetable proteins , microalgae, glycine and BCAA. It is the perfect post-workout product that provides calcium, vitamin C and magnesium that contribute to normal energy metabolism. It contains the necessary nutrients for an effective recovery snack. If you don't havePOST-TRAINING on hand you can take as a snack:

  • A vegetable yogurt
  • Water rich in bicarbonates sweetened or diluted by half with grape juice
  • An energy bar
  • Dried fruits such as raisins, apricots etc.


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