Licia Boudersa, our fighter of the week!

His history

Who is Licia Boudersa?

Born July 28, 1992 in Lille, France, Licia Boudersa has been a professional boxer for over 5 years now. A fighter in the featherweight and super-featherweight categories since she was 17 under the watchful eyes of Hocine Soufi, Licia has won numerous titles that today bring her the status of a world-class fighter (as evidenced by her current record of 17 victories including 3 by KO all for only one defeat and two draws).

His career

His exploits and titles

Now 28 years old, Licia Boudersa has accumulated titles and great performances during her career; first champion of France in the feathers in 2016 then European champion EBU in 2017 (still in the feathers, editor's note) she mainly marked national boxing by becoming world champion twice (2018 and 2019) and this in two different categories (feathers and super-feathers) for two different championships (WBF and IBO)!
All these exploits are due to the work and determination that has characterized her since her pro debut against the Serbian Semra Bogucanin and a great win on points!


Licia and NØKO

A Lille fighter at the Lille Bois Blanc boxing club, Licia was able to be one of the first fighters to test NØKO developed by her friend. Maxence Damarey whom she was able to rub shoulders with during several galas.
Convinced by the effectiveness of the product, Licia sells its benefits by telling us: At the top for recovery after training, totally vegetable, very good taste, and unique due to its green color..
We're happy to make life better for tough Licia fighters!