The return of Rizlen Zouak, boxing at Pont Sainte-Maxence, Châteauroux

The fights of our Frenchies

Rizlen Zouak in MMA

We start this article with the fight of the lioness of the atlas,Rizlen Zouak. Our French will therefore find Lucia Szabova aka queen bee for her 5th professional fight in MMA. The fight, which will take place in the Czech Republic this Saturday, January 30, will allow Rizlen to perhaps bring down his still undefeated evening Slovak opponent (in a single fight, editor's note). Fight to follow very closely! Good luck to you Rizlen! Rizlen Zouak lors de son premier combat en pro

Alert in Châteauroux!

We are going back to the old continent, with this very interesting gala. See you on Saturday in Châteauroux to follow the fights of our Frenchies! Indeed, we find the thirtysomethingsThomas Faure for his 24th professional fight in English boxing against the experiencedKevin Thomas Cojean, which will benefit him from his 37th fight. Our two athletes have very satisfactory results and will therefore try to improve it in sadly empty rooms due to the health situation.
Hoping to find the stands as soon as possible to come and support our favorite Frenchies!

Pont Sainte-Maxence Tournament

To end with our frenchies, we will find our dear Karim Achour (34 years old and inactive since 2019) for his return and his 38th career fight. He will face a very promising 21-year-old Ukrainin named Romain Takhir, who despite his young age already has a good record of 8 victories including 3 by KO, all for 3 defeats!
To see, what this fight between veteran and kid has in store for us!
Voici nos Français qui se déplaceront entre Châteauroux et Pont Sainte-Maxence pour leurs combats !

The Unbreakable II of the one championship in Singapore!!

Make way for MMA in Asia! With this beautiful event scheduled for this Saturday, January 30, the one championship offers us a great batch of very attractive and diverse fights!
To begin, we will have the right to a magnificent fight between Italy and Russia; in effect, Mauro Cerilli said the hammer will face the dagestan machinene Abdulbasir Vagabov ! These two giants of more than 120kg will have to fight to get the victory.
And no, it's not over, there's still more to eat! Japanese Daichi Takenaka will face the Brazilian Ivanildo Delfino for a fight that promises to be more than thrilling! Indeed, between them, these fighters have only 3 defeats to their credit (2 for Takenaka and 1 for Delfino), so we can't wait to see which of these two lightweight athletes will stand out in Singapore!
To finish here in Singapore, we will have the right to a well-stocked fight card, indeed, at the red corner, Chen Rui (China, 8-1-0), Mihajlo Kecojevic (Serbia, Start), and Alain Ngalani (Hong kong , 4-5-1) will respectively face in the blue corner, Kwon Won Il (South Korea, 7-3-0) Beybulat Isaev (Russia, N/A) and Oumar Kane (Senegal, 1-0-0). So the nøkers, who wins

International boxing!

South America and Asia in the spotlight!

It is during this last cool weekend of January that our fighters will meet across South America for different events. The first will be in Argentina, a country renowned for its culture of the rage to win. We therefore hope to see fighters motivated and ready to surpass themselves to seek victory!
On the menu, three beautiful posters (male and female).Micaela Milagros will face and Debora Vanessa Gomez to go for a vacant world championship title at featherweight. Our two Argentines have a satisfactory record for about ten fights each.
Still among the women, we find our dear href=""> Maira Moneo also known for her nickname la panterita for her 8th pro fight and maybe her 7th victory . To do this, she will have to get rid of the claws ofd’ Estefania Alaniz, certainly with a lower record (5-4-1) than that of her compatriot (6-1-0).
. Before leaving Argentina, we find a fight that is full of surprises; indeed, Rateka 13 oru Marcelo Sanchez says he is ready to beat his compatriot saysFacundo Rojas “el Humilde (the modest) for his 9th professional fight. Will Marcelo Sanchez have the ability and the motivation to knock out the Humilde Response on Saturday night..

Nos combattants du week-end au Gala d’Argentine ! Sources

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