The BAM l'Héritage closes the year 2020 with big fights

Rima Ayadi, Khalil El Hadri and Warren Esabe to close the year 2020

It is on a complicated year, both sportingly and psychologically, that 2020 will end. The global pandemic has caused too many disappointments with too many fights postponed or simply canceled. We end this special year with posters that promise us a show before waiting until early 2021 with in particular the return of Canelo, the legend GGG, Gongora, Richards, Pitters, without forgetting our French. The last fights of 2020 will all be for titles!

Saul Alvarez VS Callum Smith atSan Antonio In the USA

Affiche du combat entre Saul Alvarez “canelo” et Callum Smith à San Antonio

This is the big poster for this weekend and this Saturday, a major fight between the MexicanSaul Canelo Alvarezez (53 wins including 36 by KOs for 1 loss and 2 draw) will face the BritishCallum Smith (27 victories including 19 by KOs). Smith is still undefeated and will face a major challenge, probably the most difficult of his career against a legend of the ring: Canelo, the Mexican has only one defeat to his credit against a certainn Floyd Mayweather Jr.. The Brit fought each other last year and won againstJohn Ryder to keep his titles! It is therefore for the first time in 2020 that Saul Alvarez will step into the ring with the ambition of recovering two super-middleweight belts. A show between our challengers is to be expected because the stakes are high!

NØKOPRONO: Victory by KO for Callum Smith

Gennady Golovkin VS Kamil Szeremeta and Ali Akhmedov VS Carlos Gongora atSeminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino at Hollywood

Affiche du combat entre Ali Akhmedov VS Carlos Gongora au Seminole Hard Rock Hotel à Hollywood

Ali Akhmedov VS Carlos Gongora

Friday evening it is therefore a busy program that awaits us at theSeminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, because we find a very beautiful double bill! Our first fight will be betweenAli Akhmedov (16 victories including 12 by KOs) andCarlos Gongora (18 victories including 13 by KOs). Both of our boxers are still undefeated and our Ecuadorian fighter, Gongora, has an impressive 72% knockout win rate which makes him one of the most shunned fighters and this fight is an opportunity for him to fight on the international scene against an opponent who is not to be outdone. Indeed, Akhmedov, after a preparationvery rigorous seems more than ever ready for his world title conquest and in particular the one he intends to add to his record on Friday evening: that of the super middleweight IBOs.

NØKOPRONO: Victory by KO for Akhmedov

Affiche du combat entre Gennady “GGG” Golovkin VS Kamil Szeremeta au Seminole Hard Rock Hotel à Hollywood

Gennady GGG Golovkin VS Kamil Szeremetata

The big poster for this evening atHollywood it is above all the fight betweenGennadiy GGG Golovkinin (40 wins including 35 by KOs for 1 defeat and 1 draw) andKamil Szeremeta (21 victories including 5 by KOs). It is with an absence of the public due to the pandemic that two very talented boxers will face each other for the IBF and IBO middleweight titles. This fight especially marks the return of Golovkin to the excellent record and a very good puncher, who will face the former European champion who is a very good technician. GGG is no longer very young (39 years old next May) and the fight will be all the more complicated because of the inactivity due to Covid, the task will not be easy for the Kazakh fighter. A respective victory for Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez would result in a potential reunion in the ring in 2021 for the 3rd time. Fight which is surely feared by GGG because Canelo wasthe only one to get him in trouble(1 loss and 1 draw).

NØKOPRONO: Victory by KO for GGG

Rima Ayadi VS Marina Sakharov at theRoom COSEC Pablo Neruda in Les Mureaux, France

Affiche du combat entre Rima Ayadi VS Marina Sakharov aux mureaux pour le titre de championne de France super-plume

This Saturday at Les Mureaux we will find several fights with in particular the one who will opposeRima Ayadi (3 wins) againstMarina Sakharov (5 wins including 3 by KOs for 10 losses and 2 draws). A fight which at its end will designate the champion of France in the super-featherweight category! The belt was vacant after the victory ofVictory Piteau. This is an opportunity for Ayadi to add a first title to her record, but the challenge will not be easy given the experience of her compatriot and opponent.

NØKOPRONO: Victory on points for Rima Ayadi

Shakan Pitters VS Craig Richards atFly By Nite Rehearsal Studios in Redditch, England

Affiche du combat entre Shakan Pitters VS Craig Richards pour le titre

Friday night is also a fight for the title that will be playedin Redditch BetweenShakan Pitters (14 victories including 4 by KOs) andCraig Richards (15 wins including 8 by KOs for 1 defeat), a title to be the champion of England in light heavyweight. Our two fierce challengers have come a long way and in particular Craig spider Richard has not fought since September 2019 due to numerous cancellations. It is in a tense and electric atmosphere of t ttrash talking usual that the fight will take place, but only will win the title, with such motivation the 12 rounds should not come to an end.