Elie Konki, a new champion in the NØKO team

His history

Who is Elie Konki

Born in Meulan en Yvelines in 1992, Elie Konki is a 29-year-old confirmed and titled professional boxer, French and playing in the flyweight and cock categories. Spider has a very impressive record of 11 victories including 1 by KO, all for 0 defeats and today continues to spread his talent and liveliness to the whole world after appearances in many continental, world and even Olympic championships!

His career

The Rio Olympics

Elie Konki's career is more than impressive: the native of the Paris region was crowned French amateur champion from 2009 to 2010 but also from 2012 to 2015 before turning pro and crushing everything by becoming French champion in 2018 in 2019 in flies but also European champion in roosters in 2019! A career and a record that make boxing fans blush and salivate as it is so full. But the culmination of his magnificent boxing epic remains his participation in the Rio Olympics in 2016 (where he will be eliminated by the Russian Risha Aloyan in the second round) of which he remains very proud. More recently, Elie fought for the first time in 2021 against the Ukrainian Olexsandr Yegorov and emerged, as often, victorious after eight rounds of high intensity!


The collaboration with NØKO

Since the emergence of the NØKO project, our CEO Maxence Damarey called on many fighters and boxers to refine the product and make it as optimal as possible for fighters. Elie was part of this select group and was able to give his opinion on the product before it went on sale. His good humor and enthusiasm for the project allowed us to switch to an ambassador-type collaboration! Much to the delight of both parties!

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