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Ramzan Jembiev - professional MMA fighter

Presentation of Ramzan"the black wolf"Jembiev:

Ramzan Jembiev is a French professional MMA fighter. Of Chechen origin, he is 21 years old and plays in the featherweight category.

The resident of the ATCH Academy did not begin to make himself known through MMA. Indeed, our black wolf has always been a brawler. he distinguished himself in street fights, on the Ibra TV channel, before embarking on mixed martial arts.

ramzan jembiev with NØKO FOODS

Why Ramzan and NØKO?

Ramzan was previously a partner of one of our competitors. He ended his partnership, and sought a new partner. His community then recommended him to turn to NØKO, for our natural, healthy and ultra-performance qualities.

The black wolf therefore contacted us. He was seduced by the benefits of our post-training . It is therefore with great pride that we support Ramzan!