Our athletes

Mourad Aliev – Olympian in boxing

Presentation of Mourad"The White Wolf"Aliev:

Mourad Aliyev is a French naturalized boxer of Russian origin. He was born on July 31, 1995 in Moscow. Now freshly turned professional, the former resident of ABC Roubaix leaves behind him a fine amateur career.

Among amateurs, and in particular alongside the French team, in the super heavy weight category, our white wolf had the opportunity to make the powder speak:

  • Champion of France
  • Silver Medal at the European Games
  • 1/4 final at the Tokyo Games

Today our white wolf, often seen as the successor to Tony Yoka, intends to forge his own name in the rock among professionals.

Why Mourad and NØKO?

It was after qualifying for the Tokyo Games that Mourad wanted to have a partner in nutrition. The goal:to support him as well as possible to be the most efficient during this deadline.

It was therefore natural that he thought of us and our post-training and contacted us.