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Manon Uffren - ASSE footballer

Presentation of Manon Uffren:

Manon Uffren is a French professional footballer, from AS Saint-Etienne. She was born on June 2, 1997 in Avignon, and measures 1.66 m for 55 kg and plays as a midfielder.

The young footballer played in clubs such as Dijon FC, Montpellier HSC before joining AS Saint-Etienne. In her last two clubs, she experienced two climbs in D1!

Manon Uffren with NOKO FOODS

Why Manon and NØKO?

A fighter or a fighter, we don't only find them on boxing rings or in cages. Manon is a footballer who gives her all on the pitch, and it exceeds every minute!

Joint, muscle and bone injuries are also commonplace in football. This is why our post-training can be perfectly integrated into the daily diet of footballers.