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Lucie Bertaud - vice world champion of MMA and finalist of Koh Lanta

Presentation by Lucie Bertaud:

Lucie Bertaud is a French boxing and MMA fighter. Born on March 3, 1985 in Thouars, the resident of the Nr Fight Club is also known for her final on the Koh Lanta adventure show.

Multi-titled in English boxing before converting to MMA, Lucie has an impressive track record:

  • French boxing champion (5 times)
  • European boxing champion
  • Vice World Amateur MMA Champion
  • Bellator fighter in MMA

Lucie Bertaud, avec du noko foods et t-shirt du bellator dans la salle du nr fight club à paris

Why Lucie and NØKO?

Lucie and Maxence (CEO of NØKO) were already following each other on Instagram. They met during the FFA challenge 1 and Maxence gave him a sample. Then, the months passed, then we accompanied three boxers from the French team for the Tokyo games:Murad Aliyev,Sofiane Oumiha andSamuel Kistohurry.

All these elements have convinced Lucie of the effectiveness of ourpost training, moreover, here is his opinion:

An energy drink (Vegan) post-workout to recover much faster.
It is a subtle blend of vegetable proteins, BCAAs, microalgae, and glycine.
Scientifically thought out by a pro fighter and a great lab I was able to visit🙂
For what benefits Do we really have to explain it again ?
More comfortable joints, better digestion, optimized rehydration, rapid muscle recovery. Ah yes and a zen effect (thanks to microalgae)!".