Our history

Øzers is a Lille start-up from Lille, created by a young engineer and professional boxer. Wishing to solve his problem: find good sports nutrition products to improve his performance, without having to compromise to the detriment of his health and his ethics.

  • A mission

    We develop very effective products, with healthy and vegan ingredients.

  • A vision

    a world where there is no longer a compromise between health, naturalness and performance.

  • Values

    The Øzersquad is a determined, committed and responsible community.

Our fight

The world has never seemed as binary as it does today.

Contrary visions clash, accuse and destroy each other.

The world of sports nutrition is not exempt from this trend. Between traditional actors, doped
to animal proteins and more natural and naive newcomers, the conflict seems irreconcilable. Between
blind and short-term pursuit of performance, or a more reasoned but too reasonable alternative,

you have to choose, and therefore give up.

But giving up is not in our DNA: we are fighters.

We fight on the rings, the tatamis, the octagons, but also on the football fields and elsewhere.
We fight with passion, sweat and guts to reach a score or break a record.
We are all different but a state of mind unites us: the desire to go further, to get off the beaten track.

beaten, to try differently, to find our own way and to surpass ourselves.

And this other path is inspired by powerful nature.

The one that moves mountains, collides oceans, strikes lightning.

It is this nature that is able to reveal the strength that lies dormant in each of us. The one who makes
great fighters and great fighters. The one that unites those who fight to become better otherwise. #WEAREØZERS

Naturally powered athletes.

  • Why vegetable?

    + More ecological, easy to digest and satiating. And finally, lactose-free.
    + High functionality by mixing different protein sources.
    + Better for your body, and better for the planet.

  • Why microalgae?

    + Ultra functional (proteins, vitamins, minerals).

    + Strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and oxygenating powers.

    + We offer a more pleasant way to consume them.

  • Why made in France?

    + Our products are developed in a French laboratory, with which we are associated, totaling more than 25 patents in microalgae.

    + At ØZERS we favor local and ecological production.

    + The quality and control of our value chain is a priority.