Who is NØKO coaching for??

Whatever your sports practice and your level, your lifestyle or what motivates you to surpass yourself on a daily basis, put the odds on your side: become the best version of yourself!

A framework bysports professionals, certified (Bayesian France), experienced and renowned, to help you achieve your goals, surpass yourself, improve yourself but above all to love yourself.

What is special about NØKO coaching??

Coaching with us is much more than a basic plan to follow. Because plans are cool in theory, but in practice it's very different!

In a coaching you have:

  • + A program ofcoaching personalized and scalable
  • + A programfood personalized and scalable
  • + Tools fortrack your progress in excel or google sheet
  • + Fromunlimited tips every day of the week between 9 am and 9 pm
  • + Onereport every week, by whatsapp to assess your progress, your evolution and adapt the program accordingly
  • + Fromsample videos, execution of exercises.
  • What is successful coaching?

    Successful coaching is coaching through which:
  • + Youlearn, and is autonomous at its conclusion.
  • + You balanceyour way of life, you build asocial and healthy life.
  • + You take somehabits you like and then keep.
  • + You reach yourperformance and physical goals.
  • + You love what you eat, love what you do, and above all,you learn to love yourself.