We are on a mission

ØZERS is the world's leading sports nutrition brand, fighting the trade-offs between performance and health . The name OZERS means OTHERS, "the others", this comes from the fact that our products are intended for fighting spirits who no longer want to compromise, and find their own way through healthier and ultra-functional products. This way is in the powerful nature that we find it, using the high potential of plant ingredients and microalgae .

maxence damarey

Co-founder and CEO

Professional boxer and certified engineer in life sciences
nutrition, become a business manager, Maxence was never satisfied with the mediocre solutions offered on the market. They have been making their own blends for more than ten years. The goal ; to be on top every day, while remaining in good health, in the face of a very intense and challenging daily life.

Where do these compromises that we are fighting come from?

Between traditional actors, doped with animal proteins and more natural and naive newcomers, the conflict seems irreconcilable. Between a blind and cost-effective race for performance, or a more reasoned but too reasonable alternative, you have to choose, and therefore give up.

Giving up is not in our DNA.

We fight on boxing rings and octagons, crossfit boxes but also on soccer fields and elsewhere. We are fighting
with passion, sweat and guts to achieve our goals and beat our records. We are all different but a state of mind unites us: the desire to go further, to think outside the box, to try differently, to find our own way and to surpass ourselves.

The power of plants is with us

This other path is inspired by powerful nature. The one that moves mountains, collides oceans, strikes lightning. It is this nature that is able to reveal the strength that lies dormant in each of us. The one that makes great fighters and great fighters. The one that unites those who fight to become better otherwise…

We are the others

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