The 100% fight of this first weekend of June!

The French fighters of the weekend

English boxing gala in Isère

Direction Isère for a boxing gala which promises to be super exciting on the menu, 7 high intensity fights between fighters all as experienced as each other. We start with our dearJordan Rodriguez , still undefeated among professionals, who will have to face his compatriotBerlinArthur Makassy for a thrilling face-to-face. On a bad series (3 consecutive defeats), Makassi Portera to relaunch against a young fighter very promising and in shape. See you this Saturday, June 5 to find out the outcome! We now move on to the battles ofJorick Luisetto and of Delphine Mancini in front of jimmy willy and Ivanka Ivanova. Although the first fight is 100% French, the second highlights our French Delphine Mancini against the Bulgarian Ivanka Ivanova. Mancini who remains relatively inexperienced among professionals is attacking an experienced but less fit fighter (3 losses, 1 draw in her last 6 fights). We can't wait to see if our 34-year-old fighter will be able to meet this challenge!
Regarding the rest of the fight card we will be entitled to 4 very distinct fights including two at the super Welter, one at the Welter and one at the light! So it's the FrenchMohamed Ali Ouali andYanis Mehah who will face respectivelyHoucine Moulahi and GeorgianDito Guliashvili at super welterweight. In short, 4 very experienced fighters who aim to accumulate victories and experience to be able to claim a title soon. Place now in Welter and light combat where our FrenchMouhib Alili , andHenry Manga will face the GeorgianKonstantine Jangavadze andYoann Rhodier . Note that Henri Manga will make his big debut among the professionals against his compatriot Johan Rodier who remains on a defeat during his only fight among the pros!
We wish good luck to all our French fighters in this Isère gala and look forward to the outcome of these fights!


Djiroun and Ghemmouri at the Brave!

Head to Belarus for the Brave 51! On the menu of this thrilling MMA event we will be entitled to 12 high intensity fights but more particularly to two face to face in which French fighters take place!
Indeed, it is the fraco-Algerian Ylies Djiroun who will face the BritishSam Patterson among the lightweights as the 3rd poster for this MMA event. Jerome who remains on two consecutive victories contract to extinguish the British flame which remains undefeated in his last 6 fights point will he do it Answer this Friday evening.
As for the second French fight of the evening at the Brave 51, we will be entitled to a face-to-face between the Franco-AlgerianYanis Ghemmouri and the placeVladislav Novitsky among the Bantams. The two men, who remain on an impressive series of 6 consecutive victories, will have to put an end to it this Friday evening by beating their opponent!


Salahdine Parnassus at KSW!

Off to Poland for our Salahdin Parnassus national who after the first defeat of his career in January 2021 will try to revive in Gdansk againstFilip Pejic ! Salahdine, who still remains with an impressive record of 14 wins for only one defeat and one draw, will tackle the Croatian who remains with one victory and a record of 15 wins for 4 draws and only two defeats. In short, two very experienced fighters who will have to perform during a high-flying KSW 61!
See you Saturday nøkers!


Your international dose of boxing and MMA

The traditional UFC Fight Night

Back in Las Vegas for another promising UFC Fight Night! On the menu for this Sunday, June 6, 6 high-intensity men's fights. Starting with the face-to-face between SurinameJairzinho Rozenstruik and the Brazilian Augusto Sakai . The 2 men and in number of the Top 10 among the heavyweights they will therefore try to get a victory this Sunday to grab points and get closer to the top 5!
Now let's go face to face between the AmericanWalt Harris and PolishMacin Tybura , and also a member of the Top 12 in heavyweight. The defeat therefore seems unthinkable for each of the 4 fighters mentioned above as these fights are important!
For the rest of the fight card, it'sRoman Dolidze ,Santiago Ponzinibbio andDusko Todorovic who will face respectively in the middleweight, welterweight and middleweight categoriesLaureano Staropoli ,Miguel Baeza andGregory Rodrigues
In short, a beautiful fight card, which we hope will keep all its promises!
See you in the night from Saturday to Sunday nøkers!
A little thought to our FrenchManon Fiorot (6-1-0) who will face the UkrainianMaryna Moroz (10-3-0) for his 8th fight at the UFC! Lots of good vibes and Manon strength!

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