100% fight with David Papot, Fares Ziam, Israel Adesanya and many more...

Our French fighters of the weekend

Guérande Gala

Head to Guérande in Loire Atlantique for an excellent English boxing gala featuring around fifteen international fighters!
On the menu of this event, 7 professional fights just as interesting as each other. Let's start with the main poster, which concerns FrenchDavid Papot against RussianEvegny Terentiev. Papot, still undefeated in 25 fights, will face a major challenge. Indeed, the Russian Terentiev, author of 17 victories in 20 fights and on a series of 2 consecutive victories will also try to seek the vacant IBA title in the welter. Who of these two great fighters will emerge victorious after 12 rounds Answer this Friday the nøkers!
Now let's move on to the fights of our FrenchLoic Tajan and ofSonny Abid against PanamanianManuel Lagarcha and ItalianDavide Tiberi. Our two Frenchmen, still undefeated among professionals, will have to face two very experienced international fighters who aim to cause them harm. It remains to be seen if they will be able to make them lose, something that none of the 9 fighters who have previously presented themselves to them has managed to do!
For the rest of the fight card, it'sBenjamin Dubois ,Sylvain Luce,Warren Lewinski andJohnny Bertin who will face respectively in the welter, cruiser and super-welterweight categoriesChristian Malvitano ,Anthony Carpin,Raphael Boquet andBrayan Guedes
In short, a beautiful fight card, which we hope will keep all its promises!
See you this Friday night nøkers!


Bayeux gala

Place now at the gala of Bayeux in Calvados, where three French fights are planned. In fact, these areDimitry Halley ,mohamed aiche (ex opponent of Maxence during a derby of the North in Lille), andKeanu Klose who aim to fight this Saturday, June 12 in the French northwest. However, for various reasons (dropouts and covid), they do not yet have any opponents scheduled. This does not change the fact that their preparation must have been extensive. The motivation remains intact and our three French fighters are just waiting to fight! Halley, who has a big record of 9 wins for 12 losses and 2 draws but who remains on an impressive series of 3 consecutive victories, will absolutely want to continue his good series by fighting on Saturday. As for the other two, both authors of a single professional fight, they will try to acquire as much experience as possible during this gala (if it takes place) in order to gain confidence for the rest of their journey !
We cross fingers !

Fares Ziam at the UFC!

Direction Glendale in California for the fight of our FrenchFares Ziam. As UFC 263 moves to California, Fares Ziam prepares for his fight against the ItalianLuigi Vendramini! The two men both have a good track record of ten UFC victories for only 2 losses on average. Ziam, who remains with a victory in October 2020, will try to get the machine back on the road against a Vendrami who has also been stopped since October. A difficult fight to assess, but we will all be behind Fares!

Your international dose of boxing and MMA!

UFC 263 in Glendale

Direction Glendale, California for UFC 263, which promises to be boiling hot! On the menu, five fights of a very high intensity including two defenses of belts which promise sparks. We start with the main poster of this new fight night, the fight between the defending championIsrael Adesanya facing the number 3 of the medium category, the ItalianMarvin Vettori. The Nigerian, still undefeated until last March with more than twenty fights in the UFC, gave in for the first time at UFC 259 against the PolishJan Blachowicz . But nothing to worry about according to his words; There will be no need for judges this time around. He lets it be understood here that he does not intend to make up the numbers against Vettori, and that the knockout is the only way out. A similar motivation for the transalpine, who is in the form of his career (5 consecutive victories) and who intends to do battle against his opponent in the evening, and recover the UFC belt!!
In short, a fight that promises to be very exciting and which will be followed by the entire MMA planet.
Place for the second big poster of this fight night (Saturday to Sunday)! This too is a belt defense in the flyweight category. So it will be the defending championDeiveson Figueiredo against the number one in the category, the MexicanBrandon Moreno. A face to face for history, therefore, which will allow one of them to enter (or remain) in the UFC pantheon as a great flyweight champion. The two men had already faced each other in December 2020. Fight during which the two men separated in a draw. This new face to face between these two fighters will give a winner to this rivalry which has lasted for more than six months now.
We can't wait to find out the outcome!
For the rest of the fight card, it'sLeon Edwards ,Demian Maia andPaul Craig who will face respectively in the welter, welter and light-heavyweight categoriesNate Diaz ,Belal Muhammad andJamahal Hill
In short, a beautiful fight card, which we hope will keep all its promises!
See you in the night from Saturday to Sunday nøkers!


Las Vegas Gala

Definitely! Las Vegas will have been the stronghold of combat sports during this covid-19 epidemic! This time, it's not for MMA but for a boxing gala that we find ourselves in the city that never sleeps. Head to the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas for this magnificent gala during which a title hunt will take place. Indeed, he is the American championShakur Stevenson who will face the namibianJeremia Nakathila for the WBO featherweight title! The two men being almost undefeated during their professional careers, will have something to dazzle us this Saturday, June 12. The appointment is made nøkers, place to fight!
Regarding the second fight of the evening, we find the Puerto Ricanjose pedreza against the AmericanJulian Rodriguez ! The two men, who have an impressive track record, 28 wins and 3 losses only for Pedrera against 21 wins for and 0 losses for Rodriguez. In short, two impressive fighters, who only have one thing in mind: victory. Small more challenge for Rodriguez who could thanks to a possible victory win a 22nd consecutive success and therefore remain undefeated among the pros since 2013!

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