The opinion of nutritionists

Lauriane Barouh - Dietician sports nutritionist

Convinced by Øzers, Lauriane embarked on the adventure by our side. Our collaborator Amandine interviewed him to tell you about his career, and explain to you why our products are of interest to nutritionists.


First, I'll let you introduce yourself:

Hi, I'm Lauriane, recently graduated from a dietary BTS (October 2021), I started as a liberal as soon as I graduated.

I will also be joining a part-time catering company next month so that I can continue the liberal profession while creating experience in a very different field.

In my free time, I have been practicing athletics for 12 years now, and therefore naturally specializing in sports nutrition.


What kind of people do you follow on a daily basis?

As soon as I graduated, I wanted to specialize in the areas that interest me the most: eating disorders (TCA), and sports nutrition . However, my patient is still varied and I don't only receive this type of population.

The majority are people seeking to lose weight or beat their ATT , but I also have follow-ups concerning specific pathologies (osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, endometriosis). I also have a few athletes, but they do not represent the majority of my patient base. I think for this population, more than others, word of mouth is super important, so it takes time..

How did you knowØzers What are the reasons why you wanted to collaborate with Øzers?

I was contacted by the brand directly who offered me to test their product.As a dietician, I am often asked by food supplement brands to test and advise their products. I have never accepted ozers before.

"I really attach great importance to the quality of the products that I consume and that I recommend to my patients"

The brand sent me the product so that I could test it before recommending it, and I really thought it was good! I do not see myself recommending products that I do not know to my patients.


From your professional point of view, what are the health benefits of the product??

I think it's cool to have incorporated proteins into essential minerals to recovery. The fact that there are proteins from legumes (peas, beans) and cereals (rice) makes the complete amino profile and that's great .


What are the benefits of integrating this product into your routine??

There are additions of:

  • Glycine, an amino acid known to improve recovery and sleep.
  • Magnesium, one of the most present minerals in the body, it has many roles including recovery, reduction of fatigue, proper functioning of the nervous system…

"In athletes, a lack of magnesium can often be responsible for poor performance and cramps"

  • Spirulina, an algae rich in iron, amino acids and a super antioxidant .
  • Chlorella, also an algae rich in omega-3 with an antioxidant role too.
  • Calcium, also one of the most present minerals in the body, having the role in particular of muscle contraction, bone density As with magnesium, a lack of calcium can be responsible for cramps.

Anyway, recovery proteinOzers food can be a real asset for athletes.


Why do you recommend it to your patients?

For all the arguments cited above, but also because the taste is nice and goes everywhere, the composition is clean (very important thing for me), and because I find it great practice to have a protein powder that is not only rich in protein, but also rich in minerals essential to athletes.

And in addition, it's vegan and made in France!


Would you recommend us to other healthcare professionals 

Yes definitely, moreover if nutritionist/dietician colleagues pass by, do not hesitate!

To contact her, it's here...



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