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Élise Renard - Dietitian nutritionist

Convinced by Øzers, Élise embarked on the adventure alongside us . Our colleague Amandine interviewed him to present his journey to you, and explain to you why our products interest nutritionists.

First of all, I'll let you introduce yourself:

My name is Élise, I graduated with a BTS in dietetics in June 2020, I started working as a freelancer as soon as I obtained my diploma and since January 2021 I have had my own practice.

In addition to my consultations at the office, I travel to the homes of other patients, and I also go to schools for awareness-raising interventions with children.

In October 2021 I specialized in sports nutrition which has since then allowed me to expand my patient base by taking care of athletes.

In my free time, I enjoy running, weight training, swimming, cycling and also motocross.

What types of people do you follow on a daily basis?

As soon as I obtained my diploma, I wanted to specialize in the field that interests me the most: sports nutrition . However, my patient base is still varied and I do not only receive this type of population.

The majority are people looking to lose weight , but I also have people looking to gain weight and follow-ups regarding pathologies (diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, etc.). I also have a few athletes in the field of bodybuilding, crossfit but also in motocross (I follow a few riders doing races whether it is the Pyrenees championship, Occitanie but also the French championship), but they do not represent the majority of my patient.

I think that for this population, more than others, word of mouth is super important, so it takes time.

What are the reasons why you wanted to collaborate with Øzers?

Øzers contacted me and offered to test their product. I often receive offers from various nutrition brands but the composition of the Øzers product appealed to me, so I decided to join the adventure.

"For me, this brand promotes plant proteins with very good nutritional benefits, whether in terms of quality, it's vegan and made in France, it should be noted! "

What are the benefits of integrating this product into your routine?

As my colleagues clearly stated in their article, the presence of different micronutrients which are glycine, magnesium, spirulina, chlorella as well as calcium, makes it possible to have a complete product!

These nutrients will positively influence the proper functioning of the nervous system, sleep and therefore general recovery.

The Øzers post-workout can therefore be very interesting for athletes wishing to improve their recovery, and therefore their performance!

Would you recommend us to other healthcare professionals?

Yes without hesitation and without a doubt!

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Instagram: @dieteticienne_elise

Facebook: Diet'élise

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