The opinion of nutritionists

Antoine Wu - Dietitian nutritionist

Convinced by ØZERS, Antoine Wu quickly wanted to collaborate with us. Our collaborator Amandine interviewed him to tell you about his career, and explain to you why our products are of interest to nutritionists.

First, I'll let you introduce yourself.

Dietitian nutritionist since3 years, launched as a liberal 2 years ago.

I frequented thesports environment and in particular fighters because I worked in sports halls. Thanks tobilel jkitou, ØZERS ambassador, I metMaxentius (CEO of ØZERS) and it makes 6/7 months that I am partner with ØZERS.

“It's going very well, I'm very happy.In addition to recommending this product,I consume it myself and it suits me very well”

What kind of people do you follow on a daily basis?

​​In general, I accompany a lot more adults between 18 and 60 years old, the clientele that I have the most are athletes of all disciplines (fitness, football, combat sports, basketball).

But also people of active life, who practice for leisure.

Among them, which athletes have you been able to coach??

Bilel jkitou, Yassine boughanem, Karim Benzema (for one year), Vafessa Fofana.

How did you know ØZERS?

I knew him under the name of NOKO, via Bilel, whom I saw daily at the time.He made me test the product and asked me what I thought of it in terms of texture, taste and nutritional quality.

The taste was a little special at first but I got used to it, and I like it!

It is indescribable but it is appreciable, just like the color. What I also liked about the brand is that it is amixture of several food supplements in one. And also the fact that it isvegan so it affects all populations, knowing that a good part of my clientele is Muslim or Jewish.

What are the reasons why you wanted to collaborate with ØZERS?

Traceability, a good ethical side, all-in-one for the athlete. But also because there is no equivalent product on the current market. Of course, it must be associated with a good diet and a healthy lifestyle.

I tested and approved it, before collaborating with the brand, and recommending it. So I was able to see the improvements on me upstream, which made me want to collaborate withØZERS.

From your professional point of view, what are the health benefits of the product??

Abetter digestion due to rice and pea proteins, and therefore less bloating. Onebetter sleep thanks to glycine. Vegetable proteins that are anti-inflammatory. Better recovery thanks to airon intakeforfight against anemia, vitamin c intake forfight against fatigue.

“Me, personally, I took it because I have a lot of joint fragility and difficulty getting to sleep. I found that with takingØZERS, it allowed me to have a better recovery and therefore to improve my general condition” 

What are the benefits of integrating this product into your routine??

​​Regulation of transit, better muscle and nerve recovery, better sleep in some cases, and daily protein intake. This is very useful in cases where people have insufficient protein intake with solid food.

In France, we consume a lot of animal protein and not enough vegetable protein. By consuming too much animal protein, this can create acidity in the body and cause injuries (tendinitis, etc.). In conclusion, regulating this animal protein intake makes it possible to obtain abetter overall health and less injury.

Why do you recommend it to your patients?

​​”I recommend it because I myself am convinced of the product!”

But also because my clients are, for the most part, already consumers of animal proteins, so I recommend vegetable proteins to them to have a animal/plant balance.

ØZERS being an all-in-one, it's worth afinancially because it saves my patients from having to buy several products to create a nutritionally complete routine.

Would you recommend us to other healthcare professionals?

“​​Oh clearly! I even recommend it not necessarily to dietitians, but to other health professionals; physiotherapist, osteopath and all the others”

Even naturopaths, who are very focused on natural products, and therefore vegetable proteins.

If one of our readers wants you to follow him in his nutrition, where can he contact you??

He or she can contact me:

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