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Naturopath and nutrition advisor, he recommends NØKO

Published onMay 10 2021

Discover Julius, he accompanies professional fighters

I'm Julius.

I created Purple Belt Kitchen in 2017

Naturopath and Nutrition Advisor since 2015, I am also a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and a grappling practitioner.

In the past, I was a soldier and a close protection officer, practicing judo, kickboxing, running, swimming...

Cooking, sport and natural health are my passions.

I run a sitewww.purplebkitchen.com on which I share naturopathic recipes and advice.

Through my job, I help athletes (and non-athletes!) to achieve their goals in terms of weight, health and longevity.

When I found outNØKO FOODS, I absolutely had to try, because the composition seemed ideal for the needs of the athletes I accompany, as well as for myself.

I like the taste enormously, the miscibility of the powder is perfect. I consume it post-training, in a shaker with vegetable milk or as a snack with oatmeal in the evening. You can get 10% off with my purplebelt code:gooooo

Digestion is good and I feel that the magnesium does me good!

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