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Fight'n Cook by NØKO!

Sport in video, real sport?

The health crisis we are going through is upsetting the balance of life for each of us. The measures in force (whose importance we understand for everyone's health) impose a certain form of metro, work, sleep routine. The possibilities of distractions and places of socialization are limited for everyone (sports halls, cultural places, restaurants, trips, etc.) Recent studies show that depression and anxiety are increasing among the population.....

How, during this period, to reinvent a balance of life bringing distraction, socialization, physical and mental health?

Fight'n Cook drank NØKO!

It is from this problem that professional boxer/engineer/entrepreneur Maxence DAMAREY came up with the idea: FIGHT'N COOK BY NØKO who just lacks a little knowledge, ideas or motivation!on !”

What's in there?

This Facebook group provides free video sports lessons and recipes for balanced dishes. Practicing MMA, Boxing, yoga and Bodybuilding is possible and whatever your level. We would also like to thank from the bottom of our hearts the various coaches who volunteer on this group: the professional boxing coachRemi Ormeray, the former MMA fighterElijah Kerrich, the vice champion of France in bodybuildingCharly Mayoress, the yogiLaurine Lesacher, the CookCharlotte Prevost and the student kick boxerFlorent Vercourt


Lives are cool?

Some will rightly point out the limits of the practice of sport in video, but it nevertheless has a large number of benefits. Video sport, for example, makes it possible to learn a new sport without being watched by others, to maintain a level of physical condition and a technical level. To break with the routine of confinement to find yourself interacting with other participants and a coach around a playful sports practice. In short, the practice of sport in video is not better than the real practice but in our current context it is compensatory and in the near future it may remain complementary.

Article written by Rémi Ormeray, professional English boxing coach.

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